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National Seminar
Toxicity Of Chemicals & their Hazards With
23rd � 24th , October, 2008

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Department Of Chemistry
North Eastern Hill University
Shillong 793022 Meghalaya


Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectroscopy can yield information about the structural environment which in a material. This makes it possible consequently arrive at information about the functional aspects related to molecular systems. These are sufficient enough criteria to look for applications of NMR to studies on toxicity aspects.

The phenomenon of NMR owes its possibility to the fact that atomic nuclei possess nuclear magnetic moments. The material in which these atoms, with their characteristic nuclei, are present can be either in the elemental form or in a molecular frame work. The bare nuclei are distinguished from the context of the occurrence of these nuclei in atoms and molecules, by the fact that the surrounding electrons modify the resonance characteristics of the nuclei. Consequently a nuclei of a heavy element being surrounded by more number of electrons than lighter elements can reflect in the NMR characteristics. More over, the same atomic nuclei present in different electronic structural situations from one molecule to another can bring in further distinguishing features characteristically to be identified with the molecule with the nuclei as the indicator element.

Such a disposition of arriving at structural information by the NMR can also be advantageously utilized in the context of toxicity studies. The literature documentation of the use of Multi Nuclear NMR for the studies of toxic heavy elements is abundant.

An effort to list out the toxic heavy elements which are amenable to study by multi nuclear NMR would be made indicating the characteristic features of such systems which provide the key to unravel the potential use. The trace element analysis, trace element speciation aspects would be compared with the other techniques available for similar studies.

The environmental concerns and their solutions related to the heavy elements would be illustrated with few examples of general appeal, but with an accent on how to adapt such methods for similar concerns pertaining to a specific location and surrounding. The toxic effects resulting from the interference in the biological processes are currently covered under the topic of Multi Nuclear NMR applications in metabonomics. An introduction to this subject matter of metabonomics and the toxic heavy elements would be covered for the awareness of the scientific community on a broader basis.

An article for the context of NMR for oil and coal by this author can be displayed at the URL:
An introductory article on NMR by this author can be displayed at the URL:


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supplementary educational materials to CLASS ROOM lectures on Magnetic Resonance.These are available from the following URLs:

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As has been pointed out in the FULL article, the way NMR is used for Clinicla Biomedicinal chemistry is by the "Studies in Metabolomics". That such high throughput techniques are possible with NMR is the reason why NMR is becoming useful tool. Essentially for such experiments and measurements, it is necessary that the metabolites in biofluids are detectble by the monitoring technique, in this case it is the NMR technique. This kind of metabolite identification techniques require High Field NMR spectrometers and advanced data processing techniques for spectral analysis.

For a lecture material on Instrumentation for NMR   CLICK HERE

The mathematical tehniques which provide such alogorithsm are the Pattern recognition methods of spectral analysis, Maximum Entropy Method etc. The results become a huge data base of NMR spectral positions and combinations to identify the metabolites and the composition of biofluids in terms of the metabolite nature and concentration. This require data bases similar to what is vitally important in the Bioinformatics. Such NMR adat bases are being built at various centres and portals dveloped for the use in medical applications and biology. The URL of one such NMR database is linked at the webpage built by this author:

The basic reasons and logistics of the development of studies in life science subjects by the advanced instrumental techniques is described at URL:

CLICK HERE on picture for an article on NMR by this author

The picture above is an NMR Spectrum of Ethyl Alcohol; drawn with MS EXCEL and MS WORD

In connection with the materials on detoxification of water, in the Poster Sheets 17,18,19,20, & 21, which is by detecting changes in water NMR linewidths, the following spectra could be revealing on the line width efects caused by elements like copper which are paramgnaetic systems.

Click on image to display the description on water Vitalizer Plus and the NMR line widths

For COMPARISON the linewidth variation in both cases (above CuSo4 Solutions & below Vitalizer treated) is a feature observable, but in CONTRAST, the mechanisms responsible for this effect are different

Below is an embedded documentation extracted from "". Gives in 7mins 4secs a video illustration on the use of spectroscopy in structure ellucidation.Illustration with IR soectroscopy and Proton and carbon 13 NMR spectyroscopy.
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In View of the above comparison and contrast in NMR Spectra, it is worth noting the Structure of water cluster below before and after OPTIMIZING using a Quantum Chemical Computational Package "PCGAMESS"
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