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Thanks and New Suggestion for your "Links" Page
Louisa Wheaton louisa.wheaton@gmail.com
Thu 12/20/2018, 7:48 AM

Hi Dr.S.Aravamudhan,

Thank you for putting together the "Links" page http://ugc-inno-nehu.com/links_from_web.html on your site – the resources you included are really useful.

There's a great guide by SmartScholar called the "Chemistry Education Resource Guide"http://www.smartscholar.com/chemistry-education-guide/ that I thought your visitors would also find helpful. Perhaps it would be worth adding it to your list of resources? Let me know your thoughts.

On a related note, I also noticed that your http://www.magritek.com/terranova.html/ link isn't working. Just wanted to give you a heads up in case you wanted to take it down.

Anyway, hopefully I'm not bothering you. Have a great day!


A copy of these page contents with added features are at URL:

A Webpage with Links gathered by Dr.S.Aravamudhan
For References at Sophisticated Analytical Instruments Facility, S.A.I.F., North Eastern Hill University, Shillong

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 CLICK HERE to display http://www.youtube.com/aram1121944/ and find elearning materials on NMR

The non working link of magitrek mentioned by LOUISA above, have been corrected below
As above, Video Teaching shows on the Introductory NMR and MRI
Earth-Field MRI Teaching System

A Video Movie on PULSED FT NMR

This is a Video Movie made by converting from a MS PowerPoint presentation file
consisting of 13 slides in total. The follwing is the description of the contents of the
Original Powerpoint Prsentation file:


The slides are all timed for automatic transition; and, each slide consists of animation features all with automatic timings from beginning to the end of the slide. At some points the time required to view would depend upon the viewer and at such points viewer intervention to make a mouse click would be required appropriately when the 'Click' instruction flashes. The subject matter dealt with in the presentation is 'How to Obtain FT NMR Spectrum'. Thus a description of the requirements for the FT NMR Spectrometer and basic principles of the features and its functioning are included. These contents are useful for a review after a full length lecture on the 'FT NMR spectrometer';. The contents are so organized that no oral explanations would be required during the viewing. Hence no audio track with oral explanations is included. The file size is 1.05 MB user : saravamudhan at the http://www.nmrwiki.org......Dr.S.Aravamudhan

This video file is about 96MB Size and may require several hours to load,
depending on the internet connection bandwidth specifcations

Download the Media Player Video file from URL: PULSEDFTNMR.WMV

Read  HERE about Terranova-MRI: Earth's Field MRI & NMR teaching system.
MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

CLICK HERE to display a webpage for "PC Software (NMR, IR, etc.)" with downloadable, developed-"programs/installation notes/documentation"

From the above list of soft wares "FTNMRSimulator" was used to obtain the example depicted below

Click on this image for enlarged view      Click on this image for enlarged view

Click on this image for enlarged view

Jump to links for MASS Spectroscopy            Jump to links for NMR Spectroscopy

Links Gathered for the context of NMR Spectroscopy          Jump to links for MASS Spectroscopy

An Introductory Elementary Article by
DR. S. ARAVAMUDHAN, North Eastern Hill University, Shillong on
"NMR as a TOOL for Structure Determination"

Earth's Field MRI teaching system

A course on: UNDERSTANDING NMR: James Keeler
Info to BUY THIS BOOK (with exercises and solutions) on UNDERSTANDING NMR: James Keeler  at this link

The Powerpoint Presentation Files (author:Dr.S.Aravamudhan,N.E.H.U., Shillong);
Linked below(downloadable); can also be found at:


This is a link to a presentation file with 4 slides, for a total of about 4minutes. Consists of introductory description of a Spin and Angular meomentum of atomic nucleus, and the interaction of the associiated nuclear Magnetic moment with external magnetic field and its consequences to Nuclear MagneticResonance.
A presentation file of 5 Slides, could be of 5 minutes duration. Consists of a depiction of a precession of a nuclear Spin in the external magnetic field, certain values for resonance frequency, and the consequence of the prersence of an ensemble of nuclei in the samples of study.
A file with 6 slides; 10 minutes; The build up magnetization in spin ensembles; the Longitudinal Relaxation Time; The transverse relaxation time and the Decay of magnetization in the transverse plane.
A file with 5 slides. Depiction of the basic principles of the NMR detection and the NMR spetcrum.
A file with 13 Slides. The instrumentation aspects related to the NMR spectrometer.
A file with 4 Slides.A descrition of the competing Transition Rates; The E.M. (electro magnetic radiation) Induced Transition Rates, and the Spontaneous Relaxation Transition Rates. Experimental control of the Induced Transition Rates and the consequent Continuous Wave methods and the Pulsed Methods of NMR detection.
A file with 4 Slides. ON the Foureir Transform NMR Procedure.
A file with 4 slides; description of features of FT NMR spectra.
A movie file of 5 minutes in the movie format wmv for windows media player; 28 MB size. With a schematic descrition of the FT NMR procedural steps to obtain NMR Spectrum.
4 Slides; To familiarize with the terms used in Magnetism and the descriptions.
A file with 5 Slides; ON "PULSED NMR" technique; a recapitulative introduction for the next series/ OR/a summary of the above series of presentation. ideally suited for use in a one hour lecture slot.
A single slide enlisting of the URLs of the WEB PAGES built by Dr.S.Aravamudhan
A file of only one slide. ON the Substituent effect(benzene)on the aromatic protons elucidated by NMR Chemical shifts of substituted benzene.

In some of the powerpoint presentation files, I have tried to illustrate some of the concepts and principles of SCHOOL Level Physics, for the reason that, whne the Magnetic Resonance subject is being covered in the classroom, it becomes necessary to refresh the students with the fundamentals of this nature, since these would have been studied in the 10-12 standard class levels by Students of M.Sc.,(M.Sc., Chemistry). These materials find on line animation lessons currently at the  http://classontheweb.com/ website to which the Registration is cost-free. The aspirants can immenselybenefit by viewing these animation features by searching for them with appropriate keyword at this website. Similar lessons (lecture demonstrations of 2-5 minutes)have been embedded at the website  :http://www.cec-lor.edu.in/search.asp. This page can be displayed also from the UGC WEBSITE   and further clicking on the link-button (icon) UGC-CEC. These lecture demonstrations are available as  Learning Objects Repository; L.O.R.

The power point presentations above cover the descriptions of NMR Phenomena well ilustrated by animated features, as this subject is covered in the first two chapters of the book by Dr.Pascal,"NMR Primer: An HSQC-Based Approach (with vector animations) published by IMPUBLICATIONS. The details about this book are described at this link: http://www.impublications.com/nmrprimer/

link to display ebook on NMR for applications to Food Science, Pharmaceuticals, Forensic Science and PULSE FIELD GRDIENT Methods: Find below the ebook embedded

Find below a ebook sample pages (1-10) of a volume containing the article"NMR of Amino acids"

Link below is to a Web Page Built by Dr.Aravamudhan on his participation in National Workshop on Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

Image and link below is that of Biological Magnetic Resonance Data Bank-B.M.R.B.
CLICK on image to display the webpage on Biological Magnetic Resaonance Data Base
The Information about BMRB at Wisconsin University was acquired during the participation in the ICMRBS2005 at Hydrabad, India.

Links Gathered for the context of MASS Spectra of Biomolecules;          Jump to links for NMR Spectroscopy
chemguide Helping you to understand Chemistry

THE MASS SPECTROMETER  How a mass spectrometer works:The basic principle

MASS SPECTROMETRY MENU  Understanding Chemistry


Spectral DATA BASE MASS Spectra, 1H & 13C NMR, ESR, IR, RAMAN

Mass measurements of biological molecules What can you expect from mass measurements of biological molecules?

Scripps Centre for MASS Spectrometry


An E-BOOK embedded in this page: By "Google Search" at the INTERNET
This e-book has sveral pages: about 500pages and requires a good high speed internet connection to load quickly and conveneiently to use

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