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CMDAYS 2011Gauhati University, Aug 24-26,2011
WORKSHOP on CADD and X-ray Crystallography Deptt Biotechnology & Bioinformatics
A link   HERE   with postings on EVENTS 2012(January-March).

WMBS-I at NEHU , Shillong, 2010
WMBS-II at MZU , Aizawl, 2012

EVENTS-2013     Full Paper for the ICETCS2013 Proceedings Volume:- icetcs2013-fp-sa.pdf

Delegate at 101st ISCA session
the ISC 2014, held at Jammu University, Jammu during Feb 3-7, 2014

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Below is the VIDEO displaying the contents of lecture at a workshop on E-Learning.
These contents have been well substantiated by the research carried out at IGNOU as published in the articles in Indian Journal for Open Learning.
The articles can be downloaded from the hotlinks below

Link-1:   How Non-Content Related Forums Influence Social Presence in the Online Learning Environment
Link-2:   Learners� Perception towards Information and Communication Technologies: A Case Study of Indira Gandhi National Open University
In view of the contents of the two publications in IJOP above, the contents of the following article by
Dr.S.Aravamudhan in the BD Ray Felicitation volume (Edited by PM Passah) could be enlisted for suggested reading:
"Technical Education for Growth and Prosperity in North East India" by Aravamudhan"

The above is the VIDEO format version of the modified PowerPoint Presentation file of the  Lecture in the workshop on e-learning.

In the above video it was pointed out how information Science could lead to a new discipline of study called BIOINFORMATICS as aresult of the advances in Information Technology. The principle being the generation of databases and its retrieval method for searching out the syatm biology network info in terms of the proteomics and geneomics.Actually the informatics has enabled he generation of databases pertaining to spectroscopy for structure analysis and the software uses are explained in the C&E News Webinar"Integrating Spectral Analysis into Academic Research & Teaching". The Webinar recording is available for replay at this YOUTUBE link:

 CLICK HERE to display and find elearning materials on NMR
 CLICK HERE to display a webpage for convenience of use at S.A.I.F. NEHU containing NMR links
For the kind of TOPIC chosen for the INNOVATION PROGRAMME, Dr. Aravamudhan, the Coordinator got the impression that it is not the finacial part which is important but to encourage the INNOVATIVE methods of learning which could also be termed as the "COMPUTER ENHANCED COMPREHENSION OF THE SUBJECT MATTER".  (This sounds similar to the National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning:   "N.P.T.E.L.") Since what is required for such an approach is provided for by the several assistance to the department, it was a necessity to try to aid teaching by not merely as a regular class room teacher, but also by associating in such teaching by a stand-out contribution. Such a stream-lining and standing-out approaches seem to be benefiting an organization, but the accountability to this effect of progress cannot be so easily placed on a single individual even if by proclaiming to be an Innovator.An outlet could be found, in this filling of the application form, to express what in the opinion of this coordinator what an "INNOVATIVENESS" could be.


Archive : Public Lecture - Dr.R.Chidambaram, Principal Scientific Advisor to GoI
Research and Innovation: Many Dimensions

Tuesday , January 3, 2012, 17.00pm � 17.45pm
Venue : Campus � 6 Auditorium

Public Lecture

Principal Scientific Adviser to Govt. of India
�Research and Innovation: Many Dimensions�

Chairman Dr. Srikumar Banerjee
Chairman, Atomic Energy Commission

Original Source:Live recording


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On the occassion of the International Year of Chemistry:-  IYC-2011 , the American Chemical Society announces in its  website certain activities on INNOVATIVE CHEMISTRY and implicitly as ACS Leadrship Development System:- Link-1     Link-2
This posting at Shillong NEHU was on 22nd March 2011
The activities at the initiatives of the coordinator,which seemed to be a progress evidencing the impact of such innovative approach, have been brought to the notice of the Head-of-the Department of Chemistry so as to enable provision of resources necessary towards such initiatives as well. CLICK HERE   for more details of such initiatives with an appreciation of the contents of the letter from the Under Secretary, UGC, New Delhi. The E-Learning aspect as part of the innovative effort has been dealt with in the Lecture by Dr. Aravamudhan, at the WORKSHOP held at the Computer Centre, during March 18-19, 2009 organized by Centre for Distance Education, NEHU
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A summary of the objectives of the research, methods used and the findings from the research activities of Dr. Aravamudhan are documented in a VIDEO to appropriately look for details in the Full-Paper manuscripts, being made available at   REPOSITORY . This Video file is about 108MB in size and depending upon the Internet Connection Speed, the first loading of the file to computer might take from 30 minutes-1hour. Then the repeated playing would be streaming in smoothly.
The above mentioned Video has been obtained by Converting a PowerPoint presentation file, for which the slides and other materials were gathered from several lectures/PostePresentations and oral presentations.The PowerPoint version can be downloaded from the link:
This ppt file is about 4MB in size and contains 50 Slides automatically timed for a show. Show time is 48 Minutes.

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